Fabrics inspired by ideas,
creativity and continuous research.
Thanks to a passion for innovation,
we are able to supply quality fabrics
to creative stylists working with
leather goods, footwear and accessories .
Meet Tisses.

A spin-off of Banelli’s fabric ennoblement team.
Tisses is dedicated to experimentation
and continuous research,
expressing new ideas
that combine aesthetics
with functionality,
in full respect of environmental

With expert experience
in the textile industry,
Tisses is able to respond
to consumer demand for
100% Made in Italy products,
thanks to a traceable and
certified production chain
that satisfies even the most
discerning customers, all while pushing
the boundaries  of ‘tailor-made’ fabrics.


Looking after the environment
is more than just a trend,
it’s a value that we are truly committed to
and believe in, which is why
we have acquired a certificate of compliance with:


TUV UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Global Recycled Standard

Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS)