Tisses manages IN-HOUSE
QUALITY CONTROL of its fabrics

Thanks to a variety of internal processes,
Tisses can provide customers with suitable products for every need.
Continuous research and experimentation in the field of fabric ennobling and a focus on
fashion industry developments allows Tisses to offer unusual and highly valued products.

Our weaving, dyeing, finishing and coating processes are engineered
and modulated in order to offer a product that meets high expectations,
all while employing procedures that are safe, can be traced
and respect both employees and the environment.

We offer a variety of finishes and treatments via a number of water-repellent,
stain-resistant, anti-bacterial, solution and thread retainer processes.

Reproducible finishes range from batik with
a mould effect, to rust,  stonewash, mural, embossed,
chintz, flocked and dévoré effects,
coated and laminated